Defensive Driving Simulatior

Visit the Defensive Driving Simulator deployment site.

For my senior design project at Georgia Tech I led a team of four members through the design and first phase of development of a defensive driving simulation application.  Our task was to create the frameworks for simulation, graphics, and artificial intelligence engines that would power the application along with enough supporting data for a short demo.  The system was designed in Java for portability and the ability to deploy from a web browser.  I made significant contributions to the system architecture, the rendering engine, and the artificial intelligence engine.  To run the demos in the deployment site you will need Java 1.5 or greater installed and your system should have the latest video drivers.

Processing Applets

A few of my computer science classes required me to make programs using the Processing library, which is a Java-based library that allows high-level development of small graphical applications.  Here are a few that I found interesting:

Nim Game - Play a game of Nim against a simple AI.

Recursive Fractal Animation - Watch and be amazed.

Delaunay Triangulator - Generate triangles using inscribed circles as guides.

Active Zone Implementation of a Constructive Solid Geometry.

Colored Graph - Software traces and colors an arbitrary graph.

Car Animator - Set paths for cars and simulate accidents.

Active Rendering Minesweeper Game

Download the application JAR.

For one of my design classes, I developed an active rendering toolkit for Java and a small demo application for it.  The demo application is a simple minesweeper game.  I worked with a partner on this project, but I was responsible for writing the rendering engine and creating the graphics and effects.  To run my demo download the jar file from the link above.  On most operating systems you can just double click on the file and it will run.  If it does not, open a terminal and run java -jar activerendering.jar.  This software requires Java 1.5 or better.