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In the fall of 2001, I was talking with some friends at school about web comics.  At some point in the conversation I was challenged to make a series of web comics of my own, and there began Bum-IT comics.  They started as a series of random inside jokes and continued that way for some time.  Towards the end of my work on the comics I was experimenting with using story lines instead of single jokes.  In 2005, I closed the site and stopped work on the comics, but not before developing a story idea for a graphic novel, which I have been developing ever since.  The content of the old site has been reposted here.


CampusMoviefest Artwork

Also during 2001, I was an advisor to the Freshman Activities Board (FAB) at the Georgia Institute of Technology.  A student group from Emory presented FAB with an opportunity to start an annual student film festival.  The festival was such a success that a new student group was formed at Georgia Tech to put on the competition in subsequent years.  From that point through 2007 I have worked with the student group as an officer doing website and graphics designs.