'Monochromes' is the name I've decided on for a series of black and white, single frame comics that are designed to illustrate dark humor.  Originally dubbed 'Anticomics', I had intended them to be featured on a blog site.  However, with the advent of, I'm considering posting them here.  Currently there is no release schedule, and there are only two 'pilot episodes', but there will be more to follow as I get into a rythm with my school schedule.


Numia will be a series of graphic novels that takes elements from various mythologies and combines them into a dramatic story about humans and gods.  The goal is to merge various pantheons together in a believable fashion and then allow the characters to develop within this universe.  The artwork will be done using 3D computer models, which will be rendered in a cartoon-like manner.  Design and production is planned to start in May 2007.